Secretary Report for February 2015

The current Master Roster of AARC Membership indicates the following:

Current Family = 013
Current Full = 057
Life = 009
Total Paid = 079

Honorary = 005
According to the Bylaws, as amended last on April 12, 2011, Article VIII: Meetings, Section 5, states “Twenty members of the Club shall constitute a quorum.”
That is current family, full and life members are to be counted for a quorum. Honorary members do not count against or toward a quorum.
The current Master Roster for 2015 carries 163 members which includes past members who have not paid their current dues from as far back as 2012. We continue to carry them with the hope that the “Membership Committee” might find a way to encourage them to return to full and active membership.
Sincerely submitted,
Pat Crosby, Secretary

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