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                                         posted 12.03.2017
For Sale:  Award winning “legendary” Lightning Bolt 5 Band Cubical Quad, Balun, Rotor, Control Box, coax, guy wires, and tilt-over 38 ft tower.  Excellent condition….tower recently painted, antenna itself is in good condition as it’s only been up about 3 years or so.
Mario K4MDX won the World Wide SSB 20M contest using this antenna a few years ago.  He was 1st in North America and 2nd in the World.   Jane K3MDX scored in the top 20 World Wide on a later 15M WW SSB Contest.  This antenna really gets out and doesn’t have to be very high to really pull in the DX.
Marty W4MBW has pictures.  Antenna is easy to take down…..home brew pivoting base with winch lets it down easily to dissemble.  3 = 10Ft tower sections and 1 = tapered top section.   Base is designed to mount on a pipe in the ground….no extensive concrete pier is required.
Asking $450 for all….you take it down and transport.
Call Marty W4MBW 434-547-9642 for details.

FOR SALE                          posted 9/10/2017

This is a list of amateur equipment from an estate of a Fisherville ham who passed away last month, James Williams KC5ROT.

All the following equipment is sold “as is” but N4EYZ has tested some gear and saw most of it operate in the past few months. Most of the below is less than 3 yrs old.

There are manuals for most of the  newer items but do not have any boxes.

Astron 70 amp metered supply-rack mount–$275.00…..new last summer

Kenwood TS-2000, about year old, $800

Kenwood TS-480HX 200 watt HF/6m mobile..bought last year at Berryville….$800

ALS-600 amp with PS..600 watt solid state amp. 2 yrs old…..$1200

MFJ VersaTuner II…….. rough looking……..$25.00

Contact: Wayne Bowyer N4eyz, 540-448-5767, email: wayne.bowyer@gmail.com


FOR SALE                          posted 10/16/2017

Copper wire, solid 6 AWG,  bare, 315 feet on new roll, $90.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001


FOR SALE: posted 10/5/2017

I am selling the following for a club member who is donating 30% of the proceeds to our club:

RCI-5054DX-100, full featured, all mode, 100 watts, 6 meter compact rig.  Perfect for mobile.  Excellent condxn, with manual. $275.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

Radio Shack, HTX-10 Ten Meter Mobile transceiver (FM, AM, SSB), excellent condxn.  $100. contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001

MFJ-492 Menu-Driven Memory Keyer, excellent condxn, $80.  contact Ed, N3US, eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net or 434 975-9001


From: Bill Sterling <wgs10@embarqmail.com>
I have a Yaesu mic that I’d like to sell; the MD-100A8X Desk Microphone for $90.
Kenwood MC-50 (MRSP $120) for sale for $60
Kenwood MC-60a (MRSP $145) for sale for $75

– – Bill, k4ooo                            posted 5/15/2017  revised 5/18/2017


FOR SALE                              posted 12/27/2016

MFJ 260C  300 watt dummy load.  I have two of these, One new $30.00 the other slightly used but hard to tell the difference $25.00.
Desk Mic by KLM model FDM-148 Dynamic 600 ohm impedance wired for 4 pin Ten-Tec.  Looks good but a few dings and works fine. $25.00.
James C. Owen, III –  K4CGY@yahoo.com


FOR SALE              posted 12/22/2016

Yaesu FTM-3200DR, $120.  Contact Andrew KK4SHO


 posted 8/6/16..(revised 12/30/2016)

For Sale:

Ten-Tec antenna coupler, Model 291;

Antenna, G5RV, 10 to 80 meters;

Antenna Meter, Thorotest SWFS-2;

Power Meter/SWR Meter, RPSWR-3;

Microphone,Kenwood MC-50;

Speaker, MISCO;

Grounding clamp & cable;

Approx. 50 ft. coax cable;

Antenna switch with five (5) coaxial hook-ups plus ground.

To my knowledge all this equipment is in good working order.

Additional items for sale:

(Army Signal Corps) LIONEL 1942 J-36 (Bug). In excellent condition except missing name plate (as most of these antiques are). If interested, contact for price.

Rob  KJ4KMS Tel. Charlottesville, VA (434) 327-8255 or email kj4kms@comcast.net


For Sale:

10m 4 element Yagi by Finco on 18 foot square boom.  This is an excellent 10m antenna that I used for years and won many 10m contest while using.  It will need some of the steel bolts replaced but that’s all. $45.00

15M 3 element Yagi, Hy-Gain 153. Another excellent antenna, the original steel boom has been replaced with an aluminum one, again some steel parts, mainly bolts, will need replacing. This antenna was one of the first made as it was purchased in 1954 by W4HPR.   $45.00

20M 3 element Yagi, Hy-gain 203B in excellent condition.  This is the antenna we have used on past field days. $85.00

Contact Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044


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