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FOR SALE: COLLINS 51J3/R-388 URR Receiver (Serial # 574). This is the Military version w/ a shock-Mount cabinet. Covers 0.5 – 30.5 MhZ and does CW, SSB and AM Modes, with Coax, single wire or Balanced Line antennas. This radio is as Clean as they come, has been tested on all Ham Bands and other freqs in between, and works well. Looks Great and will be an Excellent addition to any Collector,  Experienced or New Ham!  It can be used as is for Short Wave Listening or paired w/ any Transmitter or Transceiver as an on-air primary or aux receiver . . . excellent for an AM station, as well as SSB or CW – hears all well.

Package includes Collins Speaker and Original Manual. Price: $725 plus shipping. Accept PayPal, but add 3% to price. Note that Radio and Speaker are Heavy – weight ~90 lbs, so expect Fed-Ex Packing & shipping cost to be ~$125 – 150. Recommend Pickup. Located in Charlottesville, VA; Photos available on request. Call 434-975-6237; e-mail: awswinger@earthlink.net Alan K9MBQ


FOR SALE: Collins 75A3 Receiver. (Serial # 978) w/ Speaker and Original Manual. Freq Coverage is 1.5 – 30 MhZ in 7 Bands.  Does CW, AM, and SSB; Antenna is COAX, Single Wire or Open Line. This receiver has been tested on all Ham Bands, including recent 10M Contest, and works GREAT! It Looks good – cabinet and dials like new, and Hears as good as any modern receiver. This is ideal for any New Ham or SWL, as well as an experienced Ham or Collector. It can be used as-is for Short Wave Listening or paired with any Transmitter or Transceiver as an on-air Primary or Aux receiver. Excellent for an AM station as well as SSB or CW use.

Package includes Collins Speaker and Original Manual. Price: $675 plus Shipping. Accept PayPal, but add 3% to Price.  Note that Radio and Speaker weigh 70+ lbs so expect FED EX Packing and shipping cost to be ~ $100-125. Pickup Recommended. Located in Charlottesville, VA; Photos available on Request. Call 434-975-6237; e-mail: awswinger@earthlink.net  Alan K9MBQ



FOR SALE                              posted 12/27/2016

MFJ 260C  300 watt dummy load.  I have two of these, One new $30.00 the other slightly used but hard to tell the difference $25.00.
Desk Mic by KLM model FDM-148 Dynamic 600 ohm impedance wired for 4 pin Ten-Tec.  Looks good but a few dings and works fine. $25.00.
I73 Jim
James C. Owen, III –  K4CGY@yahoo.com


FOR SALE              posted 12/22/2016

Yaesu FTM-3200DR, $120.  Contact Andrew KK4SHO


FOR SALE posted 11/8/2016

Astron RS-35M  13.8VDC  25A Continuous Power Supply with Meters (in original box) and schematic diagram

35A ICS-50% Duty Cycle

Input 115VAC, 60Hz, 8A fuse

Good to like new condition

Asking price: $135.00

Kenwood TH-77A 144/440MHz FM Dual Bander with newly purchased WWN-KNB5 7.2V@1200mAh Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery and Instruction Manual (in original box)

Good condition

Asking price: $70.00

Kenwood Rapid Charger KSC-7

Input AC 120V 32W 60Hz/Output 9.1 VDC 1.6A

Good condition

Asking price: $35.00

Bencher The Ultimate Iambic Paddle BY-2 Chrome base

New condition

Asking price: $150.00

MFJ Deluxe Electronic Keyer

Model MFJ-407B

Good condition

Asking price: $25.00

Kim N1NBM  skijpeak@embarqmail.com

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FOR SALE Ham Radio Equipment from Alan – K9MBQ. Call 434-975-6237; e-mail:awswinger@earthlink.net

  1. Hustler 4BTV 10, 15, 20, & 40M Vertical with Tilt mount and Ground Radial plate. Price – $160 (Value new is $200)


posted 8/24/2016 -FREE FREE FREE

Some “free” Burndy Penetrox A…..I bought 8 oz, used maybe 1/8 oz, and the rest is available to any ham….use what you need and pass back what you didn’t use.  Excellent anti-corrosion compound for CU to CU, AL to AL, or AL to CU…..just be sure to wipe off the excess from the insulation as it’s highly conductive.
73, de Marty W4MBW  434-547-9642

posted 8/6/16..(revised 12/30/2016)

For Sale:

Ten-Tec antenna coupler, Model 291;

Antenna, G5RV, 10 to 80 meters;

Antenna Meter, Thorotest SWFS-2;

Power Meter/SWR Meter, RPSWR-3;

Microphone,Kenwood MC-50;

Speaker, MISCO;

Grounding clamp & cable;

Approx. 50 ft. coax cable;

Antenna switch with five (5) coaxial hook-ups plus ground.

To my knowledge all this equipment is in good working order.

Additional items for sale:

Antique Radio  Working 1937 Hallicrafter (Sky Buddy) model S-19R w/original operating manual.  Asking $85.00

(Army Signal Corps) LIONEL 1942 J-36 (Bug). In excellent condition except missing name plate (as most of these antiques are). If interested, contact for price.

Rob  KJ4KMS Tel. Charlottesville, VA (434) 327-8255 or email kj4kms@comcast.net



posted 3/19/2016

For Sale: SteppIR 4 element 20-6m Yagi, SDA100 controller, 33V upgrade option, transceiver interface option.  See http://www.steppir.com/4-element-yagi for details.  Originally purchased in 2012 by W4UVA.  Two of the Element Handling Units (EHUs) have just been repaired by SteppIR; the other two are working properly.  Great antenna for a serious DXer, but not for a student club, as it turns out.  New price for this package is just over $3000.  Asking $2195.  Proceeds from this sale will return to W4UVA to support club activities.  Contact Mike KQ9P (mike@kq9p.us).


For Sale: :Eimac 3-500Z; used with full output power. $110.

Contact: Ed, N3US, tel 434 975-9001 or eberkowitz@sbcglobal.net



For Sale:

10m 4 element Yagi by Finco on 18 foot square boom.  This is an excellent 10m antenna that I used for years and won many 10m contest while using.  It will need some of the steel bolts replaced but that’s all. $45.00

15M 3 element Yagi, Hy-Gain 153. Another excellent antenna, the original steel boom has been replaced with an aluminum one, again some steel parts, mainly bolts, will need replacing. This antenna was one of the first made as it was purchased in 1954 by W4HPR.   $45.00

20M 3 element Yagi, Hy-gain 203B in excellent condition.  This is the antenna we have used on past field days. $85.00

Contact Jim Owen K4CGY 434-296-3044


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