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SHORT NOTICE SALE posted 5/15/2015


WHAT and WHEN: N3DFS (Vic Vickery) Yard Sale - HAM STUFF Saturday May 16, 2015 – 8:00 AM til…

QTH: 267 Old Farm Road Ruckersville, VA 22968 off of 623

Vic Vickery – N3DFS is moving and having a yard sale (refer to above). Vic has always been an active community supporting “HAM” in the American Red Cross, ARES, etc. – he is a VET and a good friend (even though he has a “3 call”). Even if you don’t want anything on the list – at least give him a shout or 73, please.

Included will be the following:


Diamond Dual Band X200,

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger,

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II,

4 element 2 meter yagi (factory built)

10 thru 80 parallel dipole (factory built)


MFJ Versa Tuner II

DAIWA 100 watt amp (2 meter)

Iambic Paddle (lots of fun)

Straight key

MFJ Electronic Keyer

Misc and sundry equip

“Stuff” that can be converted to 10 meters (can’t sell it – but it shouldn’t go in the trash)


50’ RG58 “in the original box”

Several pieces RG58 and RG8

“BUKU” connectors (HF/VHF/UHF)

Thank you for reading,

73 – K4EBS, John U.
FOR SALE posted 5/8/2015

Rohn Equalizer plates; two sets are three hole and one is 5 hole.
Each set consists of two plates with hardware. $100,
Ed, N3US, Earlysville; eberkowitz[at]sbcglobal[dot]net.
FOR LOAN posted 4/8/2015

Ms. Alice Bond, XYL of SK Socky Bond (K4GWL) has asked me (through Denny Avers W3DRY) to offer a nice Icom IC-730 as a "loaner" to a local Ham who wishes to try HF
and perhaps doesn't wish, or is unable, to make an investment in a HF rig at this time.

It is Socky's wish that the radio be used to benefit ham radio and is not to be sold or
modified but kept under my control (W4MBW) so that it doesn't get lost or end up on a
basement shelf somewhere and not used. I've ordered a name tag with Socky's call sign
that will be affixed to the front of the radio so that his memory will be preserved.

If you wish to borrow this nice 80-10 transceiver (100W output on SSB & CW and lower
output on AM) under the above understanding, please let me know.

73, de Marty W4MBW 434-547-9642
FOR SALE posted 4/8/2015

I've got an radio that I'd like to post on for sale in AARC's swapfest.

Its a Hammarlund SP 600 Radio Receiver. The local craigslist post is here: http://richmond.craigslist.org/ele/4948530076.html

and the eBay page is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hammarlund-SP-600-Communications-Shortwave-Radio...

I know very little about it and would prefer to sell it locally to avoid shipping.
Was asking $700 but would take $550 from an AARC member.

Thanks so much,
William Rousselet Canup
University of Virginia School of Architecture
Candidate, MA Architectural History 2015
(804) 484-2027
Wanted - HF Amplifier any brand or condition posted 3/7/2015
Marty W4MBW 434-547-9642
FOR SALE posted 3/2/2015
Icom IC-V8000 transceiver. Less than 20hrs RX only (never keyed up). Never installed in a vehicle. Includes HM-133V mic, and original power cable. Mobile mounting bracket has been lost. $150 [thought I was going to get a license, never happened]
Will Brown
FOR SALE posted 1/27/2015 updated 2/13/2015
Below you will find a list of equipment for sale that belongs to Ernie, W2EIU.
Contact Bob, K4DU, 434-960-3344, rep4[at]aol[dot]com
Manufacturer Model Type Est Value
Alinco DJ-S11 144 Handheld $30.00
Alinco DJ-S41 440 Handheld $40.00
Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Switch Control $75.00
Autek WM-1 Computing Meter $80.00
Kenwood TH-315A 220 Handheld $40.00
Kenwood KSC-1Y Rapid Charger $10.00
Kenwood PC-1A Phone Patch Controller $40.00
Master Charger MC-1 Rapid Charger $10.00
MFJ MFJ-492 Memory Keyer $40.00
MFJ MFJ-916 144/440 Duplexer $20.00
Opek SWR-3P SWR/Watt Meter $20.00
WANTED: posted 12/31/2014
Wanted: Icom IC-781 transceiver. Carter, WD4AYS, celliott14[at]aol[dot]com, 434 566 8767
FOR SALE: posted 10/30/2014
Maco 10 meter Ground Plane vertical antenna. Works quite well on ten meters
and with a tuner, also works on 17 and 15 meters.
Assembles in five minutes. $65. Ed, N3US, Earlysville.
email is eberkowitz[at]sbcglobal[dot]net; tel 434 975 9001
YAESU 2900R (info link)
Purchased new in June 2014 - used indoors only. Great radio, but won't work in my Jeep.
$140 Sarah Vogeley KM4SAR
434-242-5238 (can text photos)
WANTED: posted 5/16/14
Stranded copper antenna wire 12-14G preferred;need app 135 feet for multiband doublet.
Carter, WD4AYS, celliott14[at]aol[dot]com ,566 8767.
FOR SALE - posted 3/31/2014
Hammarlund SP-600 receiver
- National NC 109 receiver
- Hickok 800A tube tester
- Knight R-100A receiver
- Old QST magazines- free
Carter, WD4AYS, celliott14[at]aol[dot]com, 434 566-8767
FOR SALE - AARC benefit updated 2/13/2015
contact Jim Owen, K4CGY at k4cgy[at]yahoo[dot]com
Fluke DMM 8600A (doesn't work - make offer. may just be a shorted battery)
FOR SALE: Alinco DJ-C7T dual-band "credit card" transceiver, appox. 300 MW. Included are the original 2-inch long antenna, a 14-inch long dual band antenna, adapter from SMA to coax, external speaker mike, and charger.
Asking 125 dollars, but if interested, we can talk about it.
Contact me on the air or by email: joegio1[at]earthlink[dot]net; phone 434-973-9502; Joe W2PVY

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