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The Albemarle Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is a dues paying, non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio and to public service. Incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the organization has been determined to be a tax-exempt, public charity as defined by the Internal Revenue Service Code 501 (c) (3).
What you get for $20 could surprise you?
Your dues in the Albemarle Amateur Radio Club offer you many opportunities to protect and perpetuate the hobby of Amateur Radio, to maintain an infrastructure of repeaters to be available for your personal communications and more importantly critical public service in times of emergencies, to support community activities by offering critical coordinating communications to promote safety during many public service events, to offer support for young members entering the hobby, as well as annual scholarships to students participating in the local science fair. Personally, your membership offers you programs that are educational and enlightening to grow in the hobby by upgrading and opening new challenges, as well as access to a cadre of fellow hams who will jump to the opportunity to assist you with any personal needs to establish and maintain your amateur radio station. You get all that for just $20 a year not to even mention the fantastic fellowship enjoyed through participation in club activities!
What are you waiting for? Your dues and your participation are the life blood of our club.

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2015 Officers
President: Ed Berkowitz, N3US
VP: Larry Eicher, K4JZQ
Secretary: Patsy Crosby, K4PMC
Treasurer: Don Eason N4UVA

Elected Directors 2015
Dave Damon, K4DND Public Services
Jim Owen, K4CGY Estate Services
Bill Pond, N0WP Technical
Jim Crosby, K4JEC Education
A.J. Miller, KE4AJM Fundraising
Jim Wilson, K4BAV Public Relations

Appointed Leadership 2015
Mark Gorlinsky, WA1A Volunteer Exam Liaison
Michael McPherson, KQ9P ARES/RACES
Jim Owen, K4CGY Club Stations Trustee
Ron Richey, K4RKA Swap Fest Coordinator
Jim Crosby, K4JEC Beacon Editor
Michael Rein, KA4JJD Awards Committee
Dave Damon, K4DND Public Service
Larry Eicher, K4JZQ Field Day Chairperson
Vacant Photo Gallery Editor
Mark Whitis, AK4OL Webmaster

Mailing Address
PO Box 6833
Charlottesville, Virginia 22906

Contact Us
For General Inquiries, contact: eberkowitz AT sbcglobal.net
For Membership Status Inquiries, contact: patsycrosby AT comcast.net
For Issues Paying Dues, contact: Deason AT comcast.net
For Questions about Club Repeaters, contact wdpond AT mac.com

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