Club Activities Calendar

New Google Calendar which you can import into your own google calendar or other calendar apps so you can see AARC events along side your personal events and events from other groups.

Google calendar users click "+Google Calendar" above. Others use these calendar links:
Feed Icon[Atom xml web feed] [iCalendar] [HTML]. The "[XML]" link is in Atom format, an alternative to RSS for web (headline) feeds.

Please note that you can include this calendar into your google calendar (click on "+google calendar") or icalendar format compliant application on your desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, or cell phone. Depending on your software settings, you may receive alerts for these events or may have to copy them to your personal calendar first. Note that this was created on 2013-08-17 and does not generally show events before this date, though some significant events have been added back to february. This google calendar may be replaced when Drupal is upgraded to Drupal 8 at which point events can hopefully be integrated with the site.
Note that recurring events are used to show events far out into the future and events which have been cancelled or rescheduled may still appear at their normal time. In google calendar, from an account that has priviledges to edit the calendar, click on an unwanted event repeat and click "delete" then be careful to select "Only This Instance" so you will only delete one instance of the event. You may want to create a dummy event that says something like "AARC RESCHEDULED: NO Monthly Meeting, See Annual Awards Dinner instead" at the usual time to emphasize that the event has changed or create a new event at the same time with a different location.

Note that we can add other users with the ability to create events on this calendar. However, when you create an event, your email appears in the event and could be harvested by spammers. This is one reason I (AK4OL) have created a separate user to own this account. Another is to hide email address of calendar owner from spammers. And another is to make it easier to pass the torch as club leadership changes.

Combined Calendar

Here is a combined calendar with data from many of the sources listed below:

This combined calendar can make you aware of other events that may be of interest to hams and also help avoid scheduling conflicts. By clicking on the little menu triangle in the upper right hand corner of the calendar, you can see what calendars are included and individually turn them on/off. If you click on the "+Google" on the combined calendar, it may prompt you as to which calendars to add to your google calendar (unless they are already on your calendar).

Other calendars

These not only show events which you might be interested in but provide information to help avoid scheduling conflicts. Some of these are included on the second calendar above.

Search for other Citizen Corps in your area. CitizenCorps includes: Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Volunteers in Police Service (ViPS), Fire Corps, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), and Neighborhood Watch.

Old Calendar

Old non-importable/non-shareable 2013 calendar, posted by K4JEC is still attached.
Originally created on 2011-01-27 15:07:10 +0000 by K4JEC. Ownership/timestamp has been updated to push to front page.

Update: 2012-08-19 bt AK4OL: I have made some changes to the titles of some of our recurring events so they make more sense when highly truncated to fit on the monthly calendar. Note that club events generally start with "AARC" since they can be combined with events from multiple sources.

Calendar Applications

  • Online: Google Calendar
  • Calendar support is often built into GUI email clients such as Thunderbird and Evolution.
  • Android phones usually have Google Calendar support pre-installed, though there are many alternative calendars available with iCalendar support.
  • cross platform app rainlender pro ($9.95) supports google calendar sync but the lite version does not, though the native file format is iCalendar. Linux/Mac OS X/windoze
  • iOS (IPhone/IPad) built in.
  • Google Calendar Sync Multiple Calendars to iPhone/IPad/iCal or other CalDAV protocol device - calendar selection menu
  • Sprint J2ME/brew touch screen cell phones such as the LG Rumor Touch and LG Rumor Reflex come with an email application that can handle gmail. Once you add your gmail account, your gmail calendar is automatically imported to your cell phone. You click on email on the menu, then hit the back button to see the calendar. But only your main personal gmail calendar. Other events won't be mirrored on the phone until you copy them to your personal calendar or use your web browser to visit your google calendar. BTW, the JContactBackup app lets you import/export contact lists in VCard format.
  • Other J2ME/brew cell phones: there are midlets such as GCal.
  • Blackberry: google has dropped ActiveSync support (used by microsoft/crackberry) but there are other options. here's one approach for older accounts. another and anotherGCalSync supports blackberry.
  • Windoze Mobile: Google has dropped support for microsoft's proprietary ActiveSync protocol. Apparently there are updates to windoze mobile that will support CalDAV. And windoze mobile users have a stay of execution until December 2013.
  • Note that Google will be shutting down CalDAV access, except to specific whitelisted applications, and that calendar apps should use Google Calendar API
  • GoogleCL is a command line application that can be used with various google services including calendar and can add events to the calendar. This program handles picasa photo albems, blogger blog entrys, youtube videos, google docs/drive, google contacts, google calendar, and finance. I am already using it to download the latest version of the membership roster daily.
  • Wikipedia list

You should be more motivated than I to find the best options available for your platform. But this list should suggest that there are options available though there may be some pitfalls.

Some GoogleCL examples

google --user=albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com --cal="Albemarle Amateur Radio Club \(AARC\) Calendar" --date 2014-08-01,2014-08-31 calendar list
google --user=albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com --cal="Albemarle Amateur Radio Club \(AARC\) Calendar" calendar add "Test Event on 2013-08-25 from 6PM until 7PM"
google --user=albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com --cal='.*' calendar today # see all calendars names listed, plus todays events.
google --user=albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com docs list
google --user=albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com --cal="Albemarle Amateur Radio Club \(AARC\) Calendar" --date="2013-08-25 at 18:00,2013-08-25 at 19:00" calendar add "Test Event"

It should be emphasized that the albemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com account is shown above because: I have access to that account, that account has access to the calendar (it also owns it), and that account can add/modify events on the calendar. Use an account you have access to that has the necessary privileges.

On my machine, I have already gone through the authorization process for[at]gmail[dot]com and alebemarleradio[at]gmail[dot]com so I can do things as either depending on whether I specify "--user" and what value I give. Either has permission to create a calendar entry in my case. But if I use my normal gmail address, it is exposed (to web crawlers and spam harvestors) instead of the albemarleradio one which is intended to be public. Once an event is created, you can probably edit it (if you have permission) without changing the email address if you need to make a recurring event.

You can create a script or batch file to allow this to be simplified to something like:

aarcgoogle calendar add ""Test Event on 2013-08-25 from 6PM until 7PM"

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