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These pages provide information related to education and training for potential and current hams. Please send your comments, suggestions or additional requirements to k4the@arrl.net. Hover your mouse over a link for more info. (This is a work in progress - Updated 4-2-09)


Until the AARC develops the resources to be able to give organized classes, your best bet is to study one of the ARRL license manuals or W5YI books (or audio CDs) along with computer testing / teaching software. You might be able to memorize enough answers to just pass an exam but you would end up being a "know nothing ham." Learning and growing should not stop after you are licensed. Many continuing education materials are available. Ultimately, it is up to you to do the necessary work to achieve your goals. Resources to assist you are listed below.


Our local Jefferson Madison Regional Library has many ham radio and electronic related books and audio media, most of which were donated by the AARC. You can find them by searching here. Because books and media are cataloged differently, use various search phrases like: amateur radio, antenna, ARRL, ham radio, radio electronics, shortwave radio, and W5YI to find all the items.



THEAMATEUR RADIO RELAY LEAGUE has many of the books and other training media you might need to meet your various goals.

On-Line Exams / Training


Morse Code

Peer Information

There are numerous hams that have many years of experience and/or knowledge in specialized areas who have constructed very informative web sites that can be used for assistance, research, self-study and just plain enjoyment. A few of them are listed here. Please send your feedback and suggest other best-of-the-best links to k4the@arrl.net.

Digital Modes

A number of our members have indicated an interest in exploring the various digital modes. Here are a few links to popular sites that would be useful in learning more about this expanding area of ham radio. Hover your cursor over a link for a mouseover popup with more info on the link.


I suggest you start with just these. Download the Digipan free software and try it out (at least on receive).

These are for future study:


Software Definded Radios are the future of radio. AD6JV gave a demonstration at one of our meetings.


Send your favorite propagation related links to k4the@arrl.net. Lets try and make a great collection of propagation related tools to help out our contesters and DXers.



Send your favorite links to k4the@arrl.net. Help make a collection of tools to help out our DXers and those working on awards.



Lets start collecting more useful references here. Send your suggestions.



If you have any problems navigating this site or find any broken links, please send the info to k4the@arrl.net and we will try to get it fixed. This is your site and you can help make it more useful by suggesting modifications or additions.

73 Dennis